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Whole food nutrition never tasted so good!

Your Pet's Health is in Your Hands

Our beautiful Hunter was our wake-up call to what was really in the food we were feeding our pets. He became suddenly ill late 2006, and within weeks of his passing the headlines announced the largest pet food recall in history.

We dedicate every batch to Hunter and the thousands of pets and families affected over the years by poor quality food we had trusted to be healthy and safe. The more we studied and researched the pet food industry, the more horrified - and angry - we became.

While our plan for years was to retire from our corporate jobs and enjoy more time on warm tropical beaches, we instead found ourselves driven by our passion to form a company that put pet health over profits, and wanted to educate pet owners on how to make better food choices for their pets.

We know fresh is best, and we started My Perfect Pet as a tribute to Hunter and a commitment to our own family and all pet owners to offer the healthiest food on the market with no compromise on quality or health, ever!